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Monumentos :: Geoda y Mina Rica

 Available tickets up until 23/02/2020 and from 03/04/2020 to 20/09/2020 

We will be closing from February 24th to April 2nd (Both inclusive) due to maintenance works.

Box Office will remain open during that time on the following hours:

Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00.

Fridays from 9:00 to 14:00

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The Geode is located in Mina Rica, within El Pilar de Jaravia, in Sierra del Aguilón. Pulpi (Almería).
You can now purchase your tickets for the dates and times on which there’s availability (Green) with a maximum capacity of 10 people (15 when in a group) per visit.

PRICES: (Your ticket includes also a helmet for the duration of your visit)

22,00 € Adults.
10,00 € Adults living in Pulpí (Census certificate must be shown at the gate).
10,00 € Minors of 8 to 16 years old of age (Always accompanied. One adult per minor).
Under no circumstances will children under 8 be allowed in the mine.
5,00 € Minors living in Pulpí (Census certificate must be shown at the gate).
15,00 € Special Rate for Retirees, Numerous Family, Disabled Visitors 33%+ and Group members 15+ people that won’t fit in the 15 member group (Explain at the gate)
225,00 € 15 Members Group. Groups must contact in order for us to confirm the validity of your reservation, indicating –if needed- the members that, due to exceeding the 15 people limit, have purchased Special Rate tickets in a different shift for the same day (Groups exceeding 15 members must be divided in smaller groups of a maximum of 15 people each and then make the corresponding reservations for each group. If there were remaining members not reaching the total of 15, they will then become eligible for either choosing to purchase a 15 Member Group ticket or as many Special Rate tickets as people remain.
Entry won’t be allowed to those not showing the corresponding evidence after the purchase of aforementioned discounted tickets. Unless the remaining balance is paid.
Should the visitor not be present at the gate at the time and date specified on the ticket, access to the mines will be denied and money not refunded.

They must be arranged beforehand, by emailing and waiting for confirmation of date and time. Payments are taken in advance in accordance to instructions provided.
4.500,00 € Filming and Shooting of Audio-visual Productions (2 hour session, 6 people).
300,00 € Photo-report inside the mines (2 hour session, 6 people).

Tours will be carried out in Spanish, unless all members within a 15 members group indicate English as language of preference, in which case, if there was a Tour Guide available, needs could be accommodated.
Please note that indicating English as language of preference when booking online will not guarantee you an English-spoken Tour. Those looking for a guaranteed tour in English will need to purchase their ticket at the box office for the date and time English-spoken tours are available.

Find the date and time that suits you best. If available (Green) and can fit everyone in your group, click to display all possible options and categories.
Select your category and fill the form. You’ll then be re-directed to our secure payment window. Once paid, just print out the confirmation page and show it at the gates along with the special circumstances evidence –if applicable- at the date and time shown on your ticket.

Please remember that you must show your reservation confirmation as well as the –when applicable- corresponding evidence at the box office 30 minutes before the start of your visit.

The number in between brackets is the amount of tickets available on that particular time slot.

The uniqueness and beauty of the "Geode de Pulpí" and the Rich Mine that houses it and its surroundings offer great possibilities for tourism. This project can contribute in an important way to the economic development of Pulpí, although this development must be compatible with the conservation of this world geological gem that is the Pulpí Geode, for this it is necessary to make public use compatible with the conservation of geological and mining values of the Rich Mine.

Public use is understood as the set of programs, services, activities and equipment necessary for the visit to the interior of the Rich Mine to see the rich geological and mining heritage that it houses, especially the Pulpí Geode and the rest of the geological and mining values ​​described in previous chapters.

Recreational activities are considered to be those activities that are related to the Pulpí Geode and the Rich Mine and that are developed in their surroundings, such as: routes through the Sierra del Aguilón, geological and mining workshops, concerts, environmental education workshops, courses, sports and adventure activities, speleological and mining activities, etc.

Regarding tourism, the potential of the area and the needs associated with the development of the public use of the Pulpí Geode and the Rich Mine are valued.

For the purposes of this PRUG, basic infrastructures for the public use of the Pulpí Geoda and Mina Rica  are considered to be all those that have been or are projected and have been carried out or are to be carried out in the future, by the Pulpí Council  or provincial, autonomous or state administrations.


The uses and activities allowed in the Rich Mine and its surroundings are:

-Free transit through the environment and outside of the Rich Mine.

-Guided tours inside the Rich Mine, with limited and prohibited zones (see chapter 6 of the PRUG), in groups of 15 people, following the regulations developed in chapter 11 of the PRUG of the Pulpí Geode and Mina Rica. .

 Mining and geological samples may be taken from the slag heaps outside the Rich Mine, as long as municipal authorization is provided.


The following are considered incompatible public use activities in the Rich Mine and in the environment of the same:

 Based on the geological fragility of the Pulpí geode, access to the interior of the Geode must be prohibited, except for visits of a scientific nature, in order to preserve its good condition. The visitors will be able to lean out to see it from the outside, avoiding to exceed the entrance

 Many geodes, such as the Partida or the Tajo Rico or the Golondrina Tails, will be accessible to visitors, so it will have to be protected to prevent visitors from touching it, due to the softness of the mineral; so it is strictly forbidden to hit, scratch or touch the plaster crystals of all the geodes of the Rich Mine.

 Gypsum, celestite, gypsum with inclusions of celestine, epsomite and barite, present singular crystallizations at a national level; especially in the case of gypsum and celestina, which must be protected from spoiling and damage in visits, due to the fact that they are materials that are in some cases soft and fragile. It will be prohibited to collect mineral samples from the interior of the Rich Mine (except samples of scientific interest for research, dissemination or donation to museums). Likewise it will be forbidden to touch or manipulate the mineral samples from the interior of the Rich Mine, especially the minerals mentioned in the previous paragraph due to their fragility. Likewise, it is strictly forbidden to take samples of luminescent minerals inside the mine

 From a geomorphological point of view, there are formations that can be extremely fragile, such as sulfate speleothems. Throughout the galleries there are numerous speleothems (stalactites, efflorescence, gypsum beards, concretions, helictites, etc) of calcium and magnesium sulphates. Within these formations the espeleotemas of epsomitas and the beards of plaster are very despznables and the simple breathing near can cause damages on the same. Therefore it is forbidden for visitors to touch or get too close to these formations.

 It will be strictly forbidden to take elements of mining heritage from inside or outside the mine, unless they are to be placed in the Pulpí Geominero Museum.

 The access of visitors to areas of the mine not conditioned for tourism is prohibited.

 Entry to children under 8 is prohibited

 It is forbidden to throw garbage, rubbish or debris neither inside nor in the environment of the Rich Mine.

 It is forbidden to smoke, drink and eat inside the Rich Mine.

 • It is forbidden to access the Rich Mine without permits, without surveillance, and without the presence of guards-guides.

• It is forbidden to hit or manipulate any mining support infrastructure, access stairs, walls and vaults of the galleries, etc.

• It is forbidden to enter the mine in a drunken state.

• It is forbidden to enter animals to the Rich Mine.

• It is forbidden to enter into the lower levels people suffering from diseases such as: heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, problems of dislocation of the ankles, knees, arms, shoulders, etc., or having physical disabilities.

• It is forbidden to enter the lower levels of people who have problems of anxiety, claustrophobia, agoraphobia. Or that in general have some physical or psychological impairment that may affect you during the visit.

• Children under 8 years of age are not allowed to enter the lower levels of the mine, except for parental authorization.

• It will be forbidden to enter with heels or open shoes in the visit to the mine, likewise it is forbidden to enter without a helmet in the mine.

• Photography and filming on a personal basis inside the Mina Rica. Except for the three enclaves destined for that purpose, during the visits (Polvorín, Cuartel and Geoda Partida). In any case the photographs will be made by the guide himself.

• Entry to the Rich Mine is prohibited to any person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

• At all times the visitor must have a civic behavior, avoid bad behavior that may annoy the guides or other visitors, in the case of not fulfilling it may be expelled from the facilities.

• The visitor will try to pay attention to the instructions of the guide especially in matters of security, and will respect both the explanations of the guides and the appreciations of the rest of the visitors.

• Being a space of extreme geological and natural value worldwide, any act of vandalism, trying to enter the Giant Geode, destroy formations or any other damage that is done to the Geode and Mina Rica will be reported to the competent authority, Considering a serious attack on the Spanish natural heritage, which could have criminal repercussions.

• The helmet must be used inside the mine, the hull used must be of speleological type, not construction, for two reasons: the speleological ones are more secure and are lower, with which the visitor controls the best possible hitting the helmet on formations in low-rise areas.

Type of helmet to be used  

• The visitor will not be able to remove the helmet inside the mine, under no circumstances and will try not to get distracted, being at all times aware of the space he is visiting, avoiding touching or hitting walls, vaults, structures or access and support structures.

• Visitors should be informed that they need comfortable shoes, if possible, half-boots, they should restrict access with shoes with heels or flip-flops or shoes that do not hold the ankle tightly.

• Access to areas outside the tour of the visit is prohibited.

• Visitors will be instructed not to touch any formation, or mineral, rock, or structure of the Rich Mine.

• The guide is responsible for ensuring the safety of the visit, therefore, it must impose respect on the visit, and visitors will be obliged to pay attention and obey in terms of security to visitors.

• The guide, has the obligation to call attention to any visitor who is not acting a job in safety conditions, if the situation is maintained, the guide will expel the visitor from the playground.

• It is the obligation of the visitors to respect the existing signage both inside and outside the caves.

• "Security is everyone's business", so visitors should pay attention and collaborate on security issues.

• Avoid unsafe behavior of visitors and so the guide will indicate. Always act on the side of security, taking all kinds of precautions in the visit.

• Visitors should use correctly the means of personal protection taking care of its perfect conservation.

• It will be prohibited to introduce beverages or unauthorized substances inside the Rich Mine, as well as to smoke. It is not allowed to remain in the mine rich in drunkenness or any other intoxication, insensitivity, and anxiety even if it is minimal.
• The so-called "Acts of courage" are forbidden, which always involve an obvious risk.