José Guirao, Minister of Cultural Affairs, visits La Geoda de Pulpí

This afternoon around 13:00h, Mina Rica's premises were visited by José Guirao, born in Pulpí, who currently serves in the central government as Minister of Culture. After being greeted by the local authorities, Juan Pedro García Pérez and other members from his government, José Guirao declared to the media: "I'm here to visit and experience the geode as Minister of the Spanish government and a fellow neighbour of Pulpí, and as I have mentioned to the mayor, there's no problem on having a chat regarding the projects they have for the geode for us to see how can we chip in''

''To everyone visiting: this is a wonder of nature. Not just nationwide but worldwide since there are just a few like this in the entire planet. We must always work hard to preserve it. Natural and cultural heritage must be left in the same conditions we found it"

Official photo was taken at the entrance just before comencing the visit.


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